Carolyn is a jazz singer and classical singer. She regularly sings vintage french chansons with jazz-musette band The Sparrows of Paris, jazz standards and 1930s jazz with Le Jazz Hot Band and 1930s and 40s english songs and jazz with The London Sparrows

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vintage french chansons and gypsy jazz
album the sparrows of paris carolyn saint-pé french music

Carolyn sings vintage french chansons and gypsy jazz with The Sparrows of Paris with accordion, guitar and double bass.
The Sparrows of Paris' album JAVAS is available on i-tunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and other online platforms. JAVAS contains some of the most famous vintage dance tunes of the 1920s to 50s called javas typically heard and danced to in social dances called bals musette as well as a couple of new compositions written by Carolyn and the musicians of The Sparrows of Paris.  
You can also buy a copy of the CD - send an email to

Carolyn with Le Jazz Hot Band
1920s and 30s jazz and jazz standards 

Carolyn sings jazz standards and 1920s and 30s jazz with Le Jazz Hot, as a duo with piano, as a trio with piano and double bass, as a quartet with piano, double bass and clarinet or drums and as a quintet with piano, double bass, drums and clarinet.

You can see Le Jazz Hot's repertoire HERE.   

Carolyn with The London Sparrows 
jazz and vintage english songs  

Carolyn sings 1930s and 40s jazz and English songs with The London Sparrows with guitar, double bass and clarinet. 

Musical Theatre and Opera

Carolyn appeared in a couple of Operas (La Bohème by Puccini and Trial By Jury by Gilbert & Sullivan) and in several musicals including Alice's New Adventure in Wonderland at the Courtyard theatre in London.  

Instagram @carolynsaintpejazzsinger