• Carolyn Saint-Pé

Confessions To The Mirror

Today was the last of the voice over recordings for Confessions To The Mirror, the new film by Sarah Pucill.

The title of the film is taken from the French Surrealist artist, Claude Cahun’s (1894-1954) incomplete memoir written before her death and which covers aspects of her personal life, her childhood and her political propaganda activity and imprisonment in Jersey with her partner Suzanne Malherbe during the Nazi occupation of the island during World War II. As a sequel to Magic Mirror (2013), Confessions To The Mirror (2016), which in many ways reads as a letter to Suzanne, re-stages many of Cahun’s photographs, both still life and (self) portraits into moving image and sound.

For more information about this production you can visit Sarah's website at http://www.sarahpucill.co.uk/film-in-production/.

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