• Carolyn Saint-Pé

I've got a fishball in my Shloer...

I had a lovely day's shoot yesterday at Woolwich Royal Arsenal playing the role of Trixy in The Fall of Mitzi Sheinman. Written by Andrew Clifford who inhabits the part of Mitzi, The Fall of Mitzi Sheinman is a short film directed by Bafta nominated Ben Mallaby. Mitzi is a lonely old widow living in a care-home, rarely visited by her family anymore. She instead tells the nurse of a recent life changing experience. Trixy is an old friend of Mitzi who fell out with her in the past and has come to apologise for the fall out at this other-worldly cocktail party... beware of your drink though, there's a fishball in my Shloer...

You can see Mitzi's perspective on the world on YouTube

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