• Carolyn Saint-Pé

Confessions to the Mirror

I was privileged to lend my voice to the feature art film Confessions to the Mirror. Directed by Sarah Pucill, Confessions to the Mirror uses surrealist writer Claude Cahun’s incomplete personal memoir as its inspiration. The film relates Cahun's life from childhood through to her politicisation and defiant activism, to her eventual imprisonment with her partner, Suzanne Malherbe, at the hands of the occupying Nazis force. Sarah Pucill employs sound, movement and colour to connect Cahun’s personal yet radical practices with the themes and techniques of her own image making. Part love letter to the artist, Confessions to the Mirror reveals the power of art as human communication, within in the most repressive of circumstances. Confessions to the Mirror will show at the BFI Southbank, NFT3 on Sunday 9th October at 8:45pm. You can watch the trailer on http://www.sarahpucill.co.uk/confessions-to-the-mirror/

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