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First Award for Call It A Day Web Series

Web Series Call It A Day received its first award by winning for Best Web Series at Oniros Film Awards. Oriane Pick also received the Grand Jury Award for Best Actress!

Call It A Day, directed by Kieran Bourne, features Oriane Pick as Eva, Michael Addo as James, Robert Lightfoot as Joseph and Pauline Vovelle as Alice. I complete the dysfunctional family by playing the role of the narcissistic mother from hell Catherine.

The show was written by Rachel Mariam who plays the title role of Amy. Call It A Day also features Sarah Leigh, Tom Bridger, George Rennie, Jack Gunner, John Jesper, Hraban Luyat, James Stephen Finn, Johnny Barker, Oliver Hayes, Rita Sigmond, Violetta Jackson, Dónal Cox, George Rennie, Harley Chapman and Charlie Dean Jones

Call It A Day was edited by Emmalie El Fadli, Jack Needham, Blake Rider and Marianna Valente, the Colourist was Liz Glennard with Sound Design / Sound Mix by Michalianna Theofanopoulou. The theme song was written by James Stephen Finn.

The crew included 1st Assistant Director Aynoa Alvarez, DOP Dominika Besinska, Line Producer Clara Maria Rose, Production Coordinator Leticia Bianco, Associate Producer Frédéric Ferrato, Script Supervisor Tam Paul-Worika, Assistant Camera Agnieszka Kocinska, Jim Knight, Roan Lenihan, Catarina Ribeiro, Angus Steel and Katrina Ytteborg, Gaffers Andrea Sarcinelli, Emilio Pallavicino, Malgorzata Maria Pronko, Simona Pranulyte, and Zachary Chia, G&E Malgorzata Maria Pronko, Sparks Aeddan Sussex, Gabor Koncz Mariana Valente and Adam Wawrety, D.I.T Aeddan Sussex, Sound Aeddan Sussex, Nick Sounidis, Rufus Ambler and Will Langdale, Art Director Giorgia Lee Joseph, Assistant Art Directors Ana Baltova and Marnie Stephens, Costume Supervisor Emma Rawnsley and Make-up / Hair Julia Kass and Taina Vez. The 3rd Assistant Director was Adam Survey. Runners were Almendra Alvarez, Michael Anthony Alvarez, Jack Elverston, Anaïs Ferrato, Clémentine Pinet, Réjane Poupin and Subah Sabur.

The Casting Consultant was Sophie Attwood. The Executive Producers were Oriane Pick and Rachel Mariam. Pictures by Ines Hachou and Yasmin Centeno.

You can view the series on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbZeGMhVfvUnA39QCCiY9xg

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