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Do you require a professional voice over artist for your project?

I am a professional actress and voice over artist with experience in commercial work such as e-learning projects, commercials and medical narration for clients such as Amazon, The United Nations, DHL and Roche.   

I have a professional recording studio with a Sennheiser MK4 microphone, Focusrite 2i2 interface, Logic Pro and Izotope RX7 effects for voice treatment if required.


Do not hesitate to contact me to get a quote for French voice-overs in French and accented English.  I would love to discuss your project with you.  


Studio Spec:

  • Sennheiser MK4 microphone

  • Focusrite 2i2 interface

  • Logic Pro DAW

  • Source-Connect Standard

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As well as working as an actress I also do voice over acting.  Recent work includes the lead role of Leonora in Sarah Beeby's animation Gardening due out in 2021 and the lead voice of Lady Bear in Julia Pott's animation Howard. I also participate in The Goats Theatre Company's podcast Play The Goat featuring short plays and poems by up and coming writers. 

Longer voice over projects include the film narration in Sarah Pucill's feature film Confessions to the Mirror, and the audio book La Visite de la Reine by Becky Tucker featuring various characters in French from toddlers to seniors now available on Audible.



I have recently had the pleasure of working with Carolyn on a voiceover project. She was very professional, committed to the project, delivered high quality recordings, and communicated frequently with me to ensure everything was delivered to our expectation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carolyn to other clients that are looking to work with her in the future.

Jordan Lammas, Studio Manager Many Makers

Professional Voice-Overs

Contact me for all your Voice Over projects and translation French to English or English to French at

or on +44 (0)7910301456

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Blake House Productions Ltd


e-learning for DHL

Purple Media 


Commercial Demo - English


by Julia Pott



'Carolyn was a pleasure to work with. She understood our requirements, took on board our feedback and provided us with a great voiceover that left us with a highly satisfied client. Thank you!'

Simon Ball, Director - Blake House Cooperative

IVR - English


Voice-Overs in French 


Voice Reel English


Radio Acting in English


Parcel Monkey




Amazon Europe e-learning

Many Makers


The United Nations e-learning

I2D2 Ltd




IVR en Français


Voix d'Enfants en Français


Voix off en Français


Previous commercial clients include:

  • Many Makers - training videos in French for Amazon Europe

  • Millstream Productions - Facebook commercial in French for Dental Practice 

  • Crying Out Loud Productions - voice research project

  • I2D2 Ltd - voice overs in French for several e-learning videos for The United Nations 

  • Blake House Productions Ltd - narration in English for CECOP - CICOPA Europe

  • Bold Content Video - narration in French for Sedex

  • Stafford Long and Partners - voice overs in English for corporate staff training exercises

  • Purple Media - dialogue in English for DHL e-learning

  • LingArch Translations - narration in French for pharmaceutical client Roche

  • Bottletop Design Limited - narration in French for Parcel Monkey


"We had a fairly long and dry online training project requiring French audio. Carolyn did a great job ensuring the pace and intonation and quality of the audio was appropriate to the target group of learners. Communications was excellent throughout the project and the audio quality was excellent. We'll be very happy if Carolyn can work with us on future projects."

David Horne, Director I2D2 Ltd

French Voice-Overs

Voix-Offs en Français

Accented English Voice-Overs

Latest News


In June I have voiced the part of Officer Simek in American Radio drama Vast Horizon produced by Fool and Scholar Production


2021 started strong with several training videos in French for Amazon Europe produced by Many Makers going live and recording further e-learning videos in French for The United Nations produced by I2D2 Ltd.

This year I have started training in voice-overs for video games with Stéphane Cornicard and am continuing my VO training with Gravy For The Brain.


I have recorded several training videos in French for Amazon.

La Visite de La Reine, a book written by Becky Tucker aimed at students studying French with short stories featuring various characters is now available on Audible! 

I am working from home doing voice overs for production companies and clients - Millstream Productions - Facebook advertising in French for a Dental Practice 

Opacity, episode 2 of sci-fi radio drama Verity Weaver is now out.  I play the small part of Mrs Matheson in this fabulous radio drama produced by Audio Hour Productions.  

I have finished the narration of a book called La Visite de la Reine et D'Autres Histoires written by Becky Tucker.


I recorded the part of Mrs Matheson in a forthcoming episode of sci-fi radio podcast Verity Weaver. The show is written by David McCormack and produced by AudioHour Productions (David Holdsworth and Nina Sarkosi producing). This particular episode is written by Isabel Pelech and will be available on all the usual podcast distributor platforms.


I worked on a voice research project for Crying Out Loud Productions with producer Simon Cryer and am enjoying my training with Gravy For The Brain.  

I voiced several modules of a French e-learning program for the United Nations.

I voiced the English narrative to a video for CECOP - CICOPA Europe, a network of cooperatives and participative organisations.

I voiced the French narrative to a video for Sedex, a company empowering ethical supply chain.  

I voice the role of "Woman" in short audio play This is a true story; believe of not by Doc Watson recording for The Goats Theatre Company's series of podcast Play The Goat : Podcast Edition which you can hear on iTunes, Spotify, Castbox and Spreaker

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Voiceovers in French and Accented English

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