The Favourite

Madame Tournée

dir Yorgos Lanthimos
Searchlight Pictures

Call It A Day


dir Kieran Bourne

Web Series

Battersea Power Station
Ms Seeger
dir L. T. Hewitt



dir Amy Cudd

Web Mini Series

Knock a Door Run


dir DejFM

Film Mongers

Private Affairs
Mrs Girard
dir Gav Mukerji and Rik Hulme


Dr Roth

dir Oliver Arthurs

Codestar Productions 


Mab, a witch

dir Katie Bonham

Porcelain and Paper Productions

The Fall of Mitzi Sheinman


dir Ben Mallaby


Turn Off The Sun


dir Bashir Abou Zeid

Knock Knock        

Maggie, a killer

dir Asa Wheatley

Frozen On The Inside Productions

One, Two, Three, Amen  

Jewish Mother

dir Monika Flisowska


Doris Horace

dir Ben Jolly  - The Film Factor


Robot Boy


dir Will White - Film House 5


Hannah Green         


dir Hayleigh Roberts


Mr Change is Coming

Ms Geogeghan, an IRA Terrorist   

dir Colin Russell - Pleasing Films




dir Stuart Banham - W.A.X Productions


Meeting Mr Manners

Police Detective

dir Holly Graves - Grave Stone Productions


Waiting For A Stranger    

French Singer          

dir Jacob Migicovski - Lucid Film Productions



Red's Mother

dir Robert Hartnett - Met Film School

poster MAB.jpg

Operation Overt              

Home Office Official  

dir Ben Chanan - Raw TV for Channel 4

showreel 2021

showreel 2013


A Doll's House by H. Ibsen      

Mrs Linde

dir C. Saint-Pé

TIE - The Goats Theatre Company

The Witching Hour by J. Williams   


dir C. Saint-Pé

Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre, London

The Goats Theatre Company


There by Nydia Hetherington      

Hither, a clown

dir Mally Yina

Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre, London

The Goats Theatre Company


Alice's New Adventure in Wonderland by C Rhymne

16 Number Leader

dir C. Saint-Pé

The Courtyard Theatre, London 

Rhymes Productions

La Bohème by Puccini            


dir Robin Norton-Hale - OperaUpClose

The Cock Tavern Theatre, London

Trial by Jury by Gilbert & Sullivan

Bridesmaid & Chorus

dir Stephen Fellowes

West Essex Gilbert & Sullivant Association

Judgment Day by Odon Von Horvath trans C Hampton

Bertha, a German village woman

dir James Macdonald

The Almeida Theatre, London 

St George & The Red Dragon

dir Stephen Fellowes - Mummers Play Essex

An Inspector Calls  by J. B. Priestly

Young Girl

dir Stephen Daldry

The Royal National Theatre, London

Theatre and Musical Theatre



Radio Acting, Audiobooks Animations & Video Games

Carolyn Saint-Pé

Adverts, Corporate & Music Videos

Bistrot Pierre

Christmas, Valentines and Halloween Radio Adverts - Voiceover Narrative

Diamond Media Broadcasting Ltd

M&S Online Food Advert

dir Ben Ridolfi

Park District 

French Meeting Scenes

Office Worker

dir Bec Boey

Primitive Earth Ltd


CIC The Classic of Saving

Bank Employee

dir Barney Cokeliss

RSA Films Limited

Nike Weird Midnight Runners Club 

Office Employee

dir Dominic O'Riordan
Keen City Productions    

New Bones - Take This Underground 
Dancing Lady    
dir Dominic O’Riordan
Keen City Productions                  

Hattie and Jacques Love London

Audiobook for children by Eileen Moynihan

narration and characters in English and French

Age of Empires - Video Game

Boudicca (English voice)

Jazba Entertainment

Space Quest - Sci-Fi Podcast

Fifi Famine

Banger Studios

Vast Horizon - Sci-Fi podcast

Simek Officer 1 (Jiaan) and Simek Officer 3 (Council)

Fool and Scholar Production​

La Visite de La Reine et D'Autres Histoires - Audio Book


Becky Tucker


Verity Weaver - Sci-Fi Podcast

Mrs Matheson

AudioHour Productions​

This is a True Story; Believe it or Not

Play The Goat : Podcast Edition Series 1 


dir C. Saint-Pé

The Goats Theatre Company

The Verge - Short Film 

Environmental Expert

Tyler Wallack - Thunderhawk Pictures 

The White Vault - Horror Podcast

Artifact #2011.000 Episode 2


Fool and Scholar Production​

The Partner Shop - Short Film 

Florence (VO - short film)
Goldsmith University - directed by Bruno Braz

The White Vault - Horror Podcast

Attendant - Project Signal Season Two Prologue "Acquisition" 

Fool and Scholar Production​​

Confessions To The Mirror - Feature Art Film

Narration in English, French and German

dir Sarah Pucill


Howard - Animation

Lady Bear

dir Julia Pott

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