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Goats? Why are we called The Goats Theatre Company?
The name comes from the meaning of tragedy in ancient Greek. Actors embody our lives and shortcomings throughout the story of the play. Through their experiences, we learn about our own lives. They are the scapegoats who suffer so that we can learn from their mistakes.

We are The Goats...

The Goats Theatre Company produced A Doll's House by H. Ibsen at the Cockpit Theatre, London and two productions of Play The Goat, a show featuring new short plays and poems by up and coming writers at Ye Olde Rose and Crown in London. The Goats Theatre Company also presented various TIE shows including a children show based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and workshops on H. Ibsen's A Doll's House aimed at A Level students. 

Play The Goat continues in the form of a podcast. Play The Goat : Podcast Edition Series One is available on all podcast streaming platforms and on YouTube. 

To listen to Play The Goat : Podcast Edition please click below.

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The Goats Theatre Company


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