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Play The Goat, Theatre in a Podcast... 

Why are we called The Goats Theatre Company?
The name comes from the meaning of tragedy in ancient Greek. Actors embody our lives and shortcomings throughout the story of the play. Through their experiences we learn about our own lives. They are the scapegoats who suffer so that we can learn from their mistakes. We are The Goats...

The Goats Theatre Company brings new short plays and poems by up and coming writers to the world via podcast. 

Play The Goat : Podcast Edition Series 1 is available on the following sites:

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Play The Goat : Podcast Edition's latest episode, short play Sinking in the Same Boat by Erin Mallon features Stephanie Ellyne and Richard Smith. It's a beautiful spring afternoon in 2016. Nick is primed for a romantic row on the lake with his girlfriend, but his amorous hopes are drowned when a rowdy duck brings up painful residue from a recent election. Listen to the Episode by clicking on the button below or any of the links to your favourite podcast platform above:


Many thanks to our Patreon patrons for helping us cover the cost of producing our podcast and bringing new short plays and poems to the airwaves. We rely on their patronage to buy sound effects, cover the cost of transport of our cast and buy equipment and software.  This month we would like to buy a program to help us improve the audio of our podcast.  Many thanks for helping us raise $400 in order to purchase this software. To donate and become a patron please click on the button below. Thank you for your support. 

The Goats Theatre Company is looking for short radio plays and poems to record, on the theme of

  • relationships in all their forms - Series Two

  • pandemics, climate change, conflict and disobedience - Series Three

Please send your radio plays and poems to


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