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bilingual french english voiceover artist Carolyn Saint-Pé. french voice, french VO artist, VO artist with recording studio

Carolyn Saint-Pé

Spread Your Message Further With A Female Bilingual English and French Voiceover.

When you want to spread your message, you need an authentic voice to do it. Carolyn Saint-Pé is a fluent Female French/English Bilingual Voiceover who helps businesses and artists communicate with their audience around the world with a Pan European French accent in English, French…or both!

Listen To My English Demos


IVR English

Short Commercial

IVR Bilingual

Medical Narration


Radio Advert

VO Acting / Animation

Internet Advertising

VO Acting (French Accent)

Carolyn was a pleasure to work with. She understood our requirements, took on board our feedback and provided us with a great voiceover that left us with a highly satisfied client. Thank you!

Simon Ball

Blake House Cooperative

CECOP Internet Advert

We had a fairly long and dry online training project requiring French audio. Carolyn did a great job ensuring the pace and intonation and quality of the audio was appropriate to the target group of learners. Communications was excellent throughout the project and the audio quality was excellent. We'll be very happy if Carolyn can work with us on future projects.

David Horne

Director, I2D2 Ltd

The United Nations E-Learning Videos

Carolyn was a pleasure to work with. Her work was of the highest quality and delivered in a very timely manner. Communicating the project with Carolyn was very straightforward and she went the extra mile to make sure that we were happy with the final delivered product. I would gladly recommend her. 

Alfie Chambers

Bold Content Video Production

Sedex Internet Advert

Listen To My French Demos



Internet Advertising

Medical Narration

Internet Advertising

Audiobook / Animation

IVR French

Audiobook / Animation

bilingual french english VO artist Carolyn Saint-Pe. French actress based in the UK

Meet Carolyn - An Authentic Bilingual English & French Voiceover Artist


I’m Carolyn, a female bilingual voiceover, actor and singer based across London, Paris and Manchester.


I was born and raised in Paris, France, but have resided in England for most of my life, which has given me an intimate knowledge of French and UK culture beyond just the language. I am always happy to bring my cultural fluency to any project and provide script feedback to make sure every performance is truly genuine to a native listener. I’ve even completed 3 University degrees in English to completely throw myself into the linguistic deep end.


My ability to perform in both my natural Parisian or trans-European accent makes it easy for me to provide voiceover for projects aimed at a wide range of European, International English, and French speaking territories.

I've read multiple language voiceover for nearly every genre there is. My experience includes projects that cover e-learning, radio & internet advertising, medical narration, dubbing, animation, video games, corporate work and even IVR/Telephony. 


I have portrayed everything from the voice of Boudicca in the iconic video game series Age of Empires, to voicing the characters in the French audiobook La Visite de la Reine by Becky Turner as well as animals in English audiobook Hattie and Jacques Love London by Eileen Moynihan. 


I invite you to listen to my reels and welcome you to get in touch about your project.

If 2 languages were not enough, I also have a studio!

I operate my own broadcast quality studio in the UK, so I can guarantee fast turnaround times because my studio only ever has a waiting list of 1.


My studio has been built and authenticated to a professional broadcast standard. You can even join me for a live directed session using Source Connect if you have a vision already in mind.

Here’s my complete studio setup:

• Acoustically Treated 1.50m x 1.20m Studio

• Microphone: Sennheiser MK4

• Interface: Scarlett 2i2

• Headphones: Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

• Loudspeakers: KRKRokit RP5 G4

• Logic Pro X

• RX7 Sound Effects

Sennhesier Microphone with Pop Shield in Sound Proofed Studio
Sennheiser Headphones on White Background with Shadow

Previous Commercial Clients

Parcel Monkey Logo
United Nations Blue Emblem Logo
CEPR Solid Blue Logo
Transport & Environment Logo
Amazon White Logo with Orange Tick
Roche Logo
CECOP Europe Logo
Sedex Logo
Bistrot Pierre Logo
DHL Logo

Many Makers

Training Video in French for Amazon Europe

Econ Films

narrative in French for internet video for

The European Federation for Transport and Environment

Bottletop Design Limited

Internet Advert in French for Parcel Monkey

Blake House Productions

Internet Advert in English for CECOP-CICOPA Europe

Crying Out Loud Productions

Voice Research Project

I2D2 Ltd

E-Learning Project for The United Nations

LingArch Translations

Medical Narration in French for Roche for videos aimed at doctors

Purple Media

Dialogue in English for a DHL E-Learning Video

Bold Content Video

Internet Advert in French for Sedex

Stafford Long and Partners

Voiceovers in English for Corporate Staff Training Exercises

Econ Films

Narrative in French and in English for

The Centre for Economic Policy Research 2022 Conference

LingArch Translations

Dubbing in French for medical videos for F.Hoffmann-La Roche for patients with AMD

Diamond Media Broadcasting Ltd

Radio Adverts in Accented English for Bistrot Pierre

Millstream Productions

Facebook commercial in French for Cabinet Pallant, a dental practice

IVR in French and English for MCare Medical Centre in Canada

Why Hire A Bilingual Voiceover?

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Two languages are always better than one!


With so many projects requiring localisation to reach out to a global audience, being able to use the same talent to read in multiple languages is an incredible benefit to every project.

Not only does it save time, because your talent already intimately understands your script, but a bilingual voiceover can also help you add authenticity to the project because they fully appreciate the unique lingual and cultural context of your listener. This allows a bilingual performer to spot potential errors that a native audience will spot right away.

Using the same bilingual voiceover talent doesn't just improve the accuracy of your script, it can also be a big benefit to your budget as well. Because a bilingual voiceover artist can complete the entire script as one single project, they are much happier to provide a better quote than two individual voiceover artists due to your existing relationship and because much of the groundwork can be achieved with the first read.

I always make it extremely simple for my clients to work with me on bilingual projects, as I love working with clients on a long term basis.

So much of the corporate, medical and character work I do has been localised to other European and French/English speaking territories. Before many of my clients discovered me, their localisation took so much longer because they constantly had to recast unique voices for new territories. As a bilingual voiceover, I can provide a read across multiple languages in a single session, which speeds up their localisation without sacrificing any authenticity.


Being a bilingual voiceover is such a useful resource for my clients because it gives them the peace of mind to get back in touch with me and have me jump on the project right away. They can already guarantee I am well versed on the script, deliver everything to their exact needs and get it all done with a fast turnaround.

There's no limitations to what kind of project I can voice in English or French and I've completed bilingual projects for video game voice acting roles, specialised medical narration, internet commercials and dubbing. If there's a genre, I can provide it with flawless English or French voiceover or both !

If you're hiring a bilingual French and English voiceover for your next video game, audiobook, commercial or corporate project; then I'd love to hear from you. Please take a look through my list of happy clients and discover just how easy working with the same trusted voice has been as they continue to spread their message.

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Previous Acting Clients

Age of Empires Video Game 

Boudicca (English Voice)
Jazba Entertainment Ltd

Vast Horizon

s3 ep 9 "Jiaan" & s3 ep 8 "Council" 

Simek Officer 1 and 3

Fool and Scholar Production

The White Vault 

Artifact #2011.000 Episode 2


Fool and Scholar Production

Verity Weaver

Mrs Matheson

AudioHour Productions

Saturn Rings

Kathleen Mandy

Gentle Giant Films

Verity Weaver Catch A Falling Star Artwork

Space Quest Timeline Zero 

Fifi Famine 

Banger Studios

The White Vault 

"Acquisition" - Project Signal Season 2 Prologue, Attendant 

Fool and Scholar Production

Play The Goat : Podcast Edition 

This is a True Story by Doc Watson


The Goats Theatre Company 


Lady Bear

Animation by Julia Pott

Dog On The Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

French Policewoman

Written by Jesus Talon-Bueno

Space Timeline Zero Quest Logo
Vast Horizon Artwork

The Partner Shop


Short Film Directed by Bruno Braz

The Verge

Environmental Expert

Short Film 

Thunderhawk Pictures

La Visite de la Reine

by Becky Tucker

Short Stories in French 

Various Characters from Children to Seniors

Hattie and Jacques Love London

by Eileen Moynihan

Book in English with French Dialogue

The Way Home

Emotes for Mother & Toddler Characters

Animation by Fiona Lu

The White Vault Artwork

Let’s Reach The
World Together!

Whether you need a Parisian voice, pan-European voice or require a fully bilingual voiceover - I’m here to help! Simply get in touch and let me know the details of your project and I’ll come back to you. You can even choose which language to message me in as well!

Telephone: +44 (0)7910301456

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