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Survivors Unveiled - Trailer Published

The teaser trailer for Survivors Unveiled, the 40 minute TV drama I shot last year in which I play the role of the Victim Support Officer, is out on YouTube.

After a traumatic event during her teenage years, Jill (Anna Kato) struggles to come to terms with her past and keep her secrets hidden from her husband and young son. When her best friend Alice becomes a victim of assault, Jill must confront her own demons and find the courage to stand up for justice, even if it means risking everything she holds dear. As Jill navigates the complexities of her past and present, she must find a way to heal her own wounds and protect the ones she loves.

Survivors Unveiled is directed by Horace Chan and features Anna Kato as Jill, Mike Kelson as Howard, Kinue Kato as Jill's mother, Robin Khor Yon Kuan as Jill's husband, Adrian Allan as Fat Daddy, Sophie Chan as young Jill, Bettina Gránicz as Alice, Oscar Chan as Chris and me, Carolyn Saint-Pé, as the Victim Support Officer.

This drama will be available to view on AMAZON PRIME later this year.

To follow the progress of Survivors Unveiled on Instagram follow:

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