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Don't Mind Sealskin Rock

Updated: Apr 18

I just recorded the role of Julia Sauveterre in the new series of Don't Mind by Fool and Scholar Productions. Don't Mind Sealskin Rock, a horror audio drama, was written by K. A. Statz and is directed and produced by Travis Vengroff who created The White Vault.

"Two sisters and their deadbeat father are moving yet again, this time to a remote chateau off Canada’s New Brunswick coast. Tasked with renovating the creepy old building into a bougie hotel, the Morris’ are wholly unprepared for what waits for them within the walls of the Grotte Château atop Sealskin Rock."

Melody Morris is played by Marcy Edwards, Maxine Morris by LilyPichu, Samson Morris by Ewan Chung and Ian Paulson by Russ D. More.

You can listen to Don't Mind Sealskin Rock on Patreon and on your favourite podcast streaming platform in 2025.

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