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Let it Brie has wrapped!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Short film Let it Brie has just wrapped! Written and directed by Anouk Witkowska Hiffler, Let it Brie is a cookie tale about cheese. It was really great being in front of the camera again and I really enjoyed playing the part of Bernadette, a french expat living in the UK mad about French cheese.

Bernadette and her cohort played by Daniel Barrière, Andrew Theobold and Karine Tomoeda are devising a dastardly plan against characters played by Rolando Monteclavo and Fred Preston. The films also features MG Lacombe, Dan Bauge and Elea Tessier. The film is produced by Jesse Gill and the DOP was Manny Barber.

Let it Brie will be out soon and you can find more about it by following its very own instagram feed at

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